Rethinking Technology in Schools (Peter Lang Primers) Review

Rethinking Technology in Schools (Peter Lang Primers)
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Rethinking Technology in Schools (Peter Lang Primers) ReviewAs an educator, discovering ways to use technology in my instruction has become very important. I want to be able to use technology in meaningful ways that are integrated into my curriculum and enhance my students' learning experiences. Students, today, love technology and the multimodal features it provides, but where do educators, administrators and parents and guardians go to make sense out of it all? Rethinking Technology in Schools by Vanessa Elaine Domine is the one resource that not only provides a historical perspective, but also offers readers information to become more powerful, intelligent users of technology. The thought processes that are needed to integrate technology into curriculums and the professional development and the pedagogical considerations are challenged through the author's commanding voice and vision. The glossaries at the end of each chapter create a relevancy that will earn Rethinking Technology in Schools a place as one of the most referenced books in a personal and professional library. It has helped me to "rethink" the computers that are in my classroom, giving me the confidence to create a pedagogy that reflects the technological skills my students will need to effectively communicate and, more importantly, to learn.Rethinking Technology in Schools (Peter Lang Primers) OverviewAmong the many challenges facing public schooling in the United States is the often irrelevant usage of technology in the classroom in ways that support the textbook and computer industries more than student learning and achievement. This primer reframes the longstanding debate about instructional technology in school classrooms and challenges the reader to think more critically and conscientiously about the fundamental communication and technological processes that mediate learning and ultimately define education. The primer offers educators at all levels a three-dimensional map for exploring the philosophical, pedagogical, and practical uses of technology to serve rather than subvert the public purposes of education in a democracy.

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